Success Stories

Why our clients love our work


We're Family 


"I was very pleased with my evaluation last week. The office is high tech, however exudes a very friendly and comfortable atmosphere. The staff really makes you feel at home and is efficient and knowledgeable. I learned a lot from my evaluation and Dr. Engelman helped me understand my current situation and where I can improve to be healthier for the future. Thanks. :) "


Elizabeth F



Not just a diet


"It was time for me to address my situation, a 67 year old, seven-year breast cancer survivor with osteoporosis, high cholesterol and 40 pounds to lose. I turned to Dr. Engelman who advised me on a diet plan and nutritional supplementation. In five months, I have lost at least 25 pounds and will lose the next 15 pounds too. I've corrected my eating habits, and restored normal cholesterol levels. I feel great, thanks to Dr. Engelman's attentive care."

Toby H. Phoenix, AZ 

Help is Here


"Jean is fortunate as it appears your course of action is already showing marked improvement of her Psoriasis. We were discouraged with our family doctor and the dermatologists we had been sent to. Our family doctor didn't think there was anything that could be done with her psoriasis and the dermatologist only wanted her to apply some kind of steroid cream on it which as you know, we tried for several months to no avail. When we look at the pictures of her body before coming to you and the improvement we see now, it's astonishing. We thank you for getting to the heart of [the] matter and for setting her on the road to recovery. Thanks again for your help."


Jean and John

Better Health, Better Life

"I'm a male 68, overweight with type 2 diabetes and hypertension that has been difficult to get under control. I started with Dr. Engelman three months ago. His mantra was lose the gut. He insisted I give up bread and gluten. Today my blood sugar is under 100 and my hypertension is under control. Meds have been reduced and I'm down 15 pounds with that much more to go. Thank you Dr. Engelman for getting me on the road to better health."


Sam from Detroit, MI



A Busy Life


"I sought out the Engelman Health Institute because at age 45 I was concerned with my general health and longevity. I have a family history of cardiovascular disease, [and] also suspect some sensitivity to certain foods. My primary care physician wasn’t able to provide me with any insights or care unless I let my concerns become medical emergencies. Dr. Engelman and his terrific staff were able to select the tests that I needed, coordinate around my busy travel schedule to get them administered, and spend the time with me discussing the results to ensure I understood everything. What a huge sense of empowerment knowing exactly my risk factors and what I could do about them. I have a plan of action to further improve my diet that has been specifically personalized for me. I highly recommend anyone with existing health concerns or just an interest in taking control of their health proactively to get in touch with Dr. Engelman. "

Mike, Ohio 



Diabetes Tamed


"I was a type 2 diabetic who was unable to control my blood glucose levels and was about to begin insulin therapy to control my diabetes. The Engelman Institute and their team of specialists... have given me a new life. My glucose levels are returning to normal and my weight is approaching the goal that was set for me. The Engelman Institute, utilizing the newest research and technology have given me a chance to control y diabetes without insulin."

Oliver, DDS, Michigan



Weight Lost is a Life Gained


"At the age of 51, after having another back operation and going to weekly appointments of physical therapy for knee and back pain, I decided I needed to lose weight and get into better shape for my health. Because of the weight gain I was tired and had no energy to go to the gym. Also, because of the weight gain I had to add medications for hypertension, cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. I knew this was not what I wanted. My goal was to lose weight and to be able to stop taking some of the medications I was on. I also didn't want to be a burden to my family as I aged. I wanted to enjoy a better quality of like and to be around for my grand kids. With these goals in mind, I set out to find a weight loss clinic. My search lead me to the Engelman Health Institute. The entire staff at Engelman Health has made these goals possible. Dr. Engelman provided me a road map of what I needed to do while the nutritionist has kept me on track and Amanda gave me the encouragement. I've always felt welcomed and part of the Engelman family. With the Engelman team behind me, I know that I am well on my way to achieving my goals of being healthy. "

Dale 51 - Phoenix



Feels Like Home


"I'd love to give a reference for this wonderful doctor and to the care and consideration given to his patients. I got help I didn't even know I needed after going to a number of other physicians. In Dr. Engleman's office you know he is focusing on your medical problems/history and the next time you arrive for an appointment he has studied all he could find on the subject to be up on the latest information that may have come forth that would be helpful to your condition(s). He makes you feel like you have come home for a visit with a caring family. I had gone to several other doctors and really got no satisfaction for my problems. I made an appointment and all that was said about him was true. It is worth the one hour+ to drive to Phoenix to be under his care. "

Thelma B.



Healthy Aging Starts Young

"I first visited Dr. Engelman in early 2014 after going through a two year decline in my health that began in 2012. I am in my mid 30's and seemingly out of nowhere had started experiencing sudden, drastic changes in my health that affected primarily my digestive system and skin (acne). These changes were greatly impacting my quality of life and I was feeling helpless after trying unsuccessfully to find solutions with different doctors locally. I had visited numerous gastroenterologists and dermatologists, spending lots of time and money looking for an answer but nothing was working. From a recommendation of a family member I came to Phoenix to meet with Dr. Engelman. Upon arriving at his office I was greeted by his friendly staff and was told that the first step was to have an in depth conversation with Dr. Engelman. A short time later I met him for the first time and was immediately struck by how down to earth he was and the genuine care he took in getting to know and understand my entire background and situation. He told me that by doing so it would help him thoroughly identify what may be going on and how we could resolve my health problems. After listening to my story he explained what testing he thought we could do to reveal what may be the source of my health issues and went over which tests we could do in his office and others I could do at home. After wrapping up our conversation I completed some of the tests in his office. Afterwards, I returned to San Diego and completed the others in the comfort of my own home. I sent in my results and waited to speak with Dr. Engelman who told me we could review them a short time later. The next conversation I had with Dr. Engelman was a pivotal one, and one that ultimately was responsible for getting my health back on track. He explained that the tests had revealed I was vitamin deficient in many areas. The tests had also shown that I had many food allergies I was completely unaware of. He explained that because of these, my diet and lack of vitamin consumption could likely be the culprits that were wreaking havoc on my body. To counter this, he designed a personal, customized supplement program and also went over what dietary changes would improve my situation. Within two months of implementing these changes I saw major improvement in both my digestive problems and skin, and a year later I'm ecstatic to see my health has changed 180 degrees. I couldn't be happier to feel the way I do and be back to my normal self. I feel grateful that after searching for an answer that was eluding me for so long I was able to find someone as knowledgeable and caring as Dr. Engelman and just want to say a tremendous thank you for all you've done!"

Jason - California