It's not all about me !


What does it mean and how can I put it in practice. Without going into a long explanation, it is about being present for each moment of our lives (which go by so fast!).

I thought about this over the past weekend when I read about the dwindling number of African elephants, because of poacher killers taking the ivory tusks. I cried. Fortunately I have been to Africa and seen these amazing mammals and looked into their eyes. I watched them with their adorable babies.

What does this have to do with mindfulness?

The only reason to kill elephants is to get ivory to sell to consumers. Why would one buy something like that with the knowledge of the slaughter of these majestic creatures.

There could only be, one answer, It is I dont care! Why? Because don't you know? It's all about ME. No it's not!!!

Mindfulness is realizing one's place and importance in the universe. We must think about something bigger than ourselves.

For your health and well being please slow down, rejoice in being alive, take note of the wonder of it all.

My sister sent me these photos and I cried again. Only this time, with gratitude for this gift of life and our place as a part of the whole.

Please be mindful

Check out link below you'll love it!

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