I had a situation occur this past weekend that I need to get off my chest.

As most of you know I am an M.D. trained in traditional allopathic medicine and also trained and certified in what is called Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine takes a more holistic approach to diagnosis, and integrative approaches to therapies, such as lifestyle, diet and if need be, pharmaceutical medications and others.

I am also an educational consultant for a well known international immune testing laboratory.

I attended a conference this past weekend on "Rare Neuro Immunological Conditions." One of the main speakers talked about a diagnostic test that can be positive when someone attacks their own particular nervous system protein, perhaps causing these devastating neurological conditions.

There is a blood test which measures antibodies to certain common food proteins. These food proteins look, to our immune system, a great deal like this particular nervous system protein. There is good medical literature which says that if a person reacts to one of these food proteins, the person should not eat the food because their immune system might also mistakenly attack their own nervous system. The logical doctor advise to their patient should be "don't eat that food." I brought this up at the conference and before I could finish was told "their is no literature to support that dietary advice." Well, guess what? There is! His answer should have been "I have not seen literature to support that advice. Could you provide me with that?" But because he wasn't familiar with the literature he dismissed the entire idea that diet might influence these neurological conditions. I wonder if it might be because no one makes money on changing a diet. Most of the rest of the discussion was about using more steroids or the "expert's" excitement that other new expensive drugs which turn off parts of our immune system, were in the pipeline.

What about the question that is begging to be asked. "Why did this condition happen and what can be done to prevent it?"

We now have access to tests which can provide results of up to 5 years or longer before an auto immune condition or disease occurs. This knowledge might provide information which could stop the autoimmune disease from moving forward.

The problem is most people, including physicians, do not want to venture out of their intellectual comfort zone.

We are in a new and super exciting era of medicine, health and wellness. Much of it revolves around choices we can make and many don't cost a thing.

Find a practitioner who really cares about you as a person and isn't afraid to step outside of their comfort zone for you and their own intellectual and personal growth.

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