Dr. Mark R. Engelman M.D. 

Dr. Engelman's Story 


I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. My first jobs were shoveling snow and raking leaves around the neighborhood in Columbus. I worked all sorts of jobs starting at an early age to earn money for college and medical school.  These included selling shoes, washing cars, laying asphalt, delivering fruits and vegetables, construction and many others.  I understand the value of hard work and it has given me a grounded perspective in understanding my patients.


My Father was an Internal Medicine Physician and a professor at Ohio State University, College of Medicine. While watching him practice medicine, I fell in love with medicine and knew I wanted to be a doctor at an early age. I was and still am fascinated by biology, and derive great pleasure in helping people.


While I was studying Internal Medicine at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, I rotated through St. Joseph’s Emergency Department and I was hooked. I loved the drama and the adrenaline. I enjoyed it and was good at it. I became Chairman of the Emergency Department at St. Joseph’s and spent 23 wonderful years with them. I am proud to be able to say I have an unblemished record in my medical career. I was elected President of the Maricopa County  Chapter of the American Heart Association, served as a Board Member of the Phoenix Boys and Girls Club, and held the position Chief Medical Physician for the Arizona Boxing Commission, and have held a number of other positions.


The discovery and research in the early 2000s of stem cells fascinated me. I studied and passed the Stem Cell Medicine Fellowship requirements and am one of 22 Stem Cell Fellows in the world.  This led me to deeper studies of Cellular Biology, Genetics, and Metabolic Medicine.  The relatively new field of Functional Medicine incorporates this scientific knowledge with a Holistic approach to the patient.  This is truly personalized, precise, predictive, preventative healthcare in action.  I have also achieved Fellowship and Board Certification in Functional Medicine.


The Holistic Functional Medicine approach to patient care has allowed me the opportunity to bring back the days of establishing meaningful relationships with my patients. This bond of trust is combined with my knowledge of many of the latest discoveries in medical science.  I really love what I am doing and my patients are loving their results.





What is your favorite part about having your own practice vs. working in hospitals?

I now have the opportunity to spend as much time as I need with my patient. I can be creative in my therapeutic solution. I don't have the hospital bureaucracy restricting my desire to practice medicine as I see fit and employ innovation and the latest science in my practice. 


Why don't you practice "Traditional" family medicine?


We are in the beginning of a new frontier for medicine and new technology,  breakthroughs in genetics, stem cell medicine and many others are revolutionizing medicine and are making the old traditional paradigm obsolete. This is the age of personalized medicine! 


Why do you practice Internal Functional Medicine?


I enjoy the opportunity to address the entire patient''s health issues in an integrative fashion. For me, specializing in a specific area would make it more difficult to put the health puzzle together and formulate effective solutions.